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Weighing only a pound or two, a reflector oven gives you the opportunity for some delicious homemade baked goodies out in the field. Bake your catch or make up a pizza. Reflector ovens fold up and are easy to pack.  There is several compact versions for sale out there or there is also plans on how to make your own.
Give them Cats Some Dough........

There's all types of bait to use for Catfish, but a homemade concoction of dough balls might be something to think about experimenting with. 

A basic recipe of one cup of flour, one cup of corn meal, some type of really smelly ingredient, along with enough water or oil to help work the mixture into balls just might put them into a feeding frenzy.

Secret ingredients are limitless. Make up a variety of flavors using rotted fish, sardines, limburger cheese, pureed shrimp, honey, molasses and more.

​Mix ingredients and form into small balls. Drop the balls into boiling water for a good three minutes to set so they will stay on the hook. They can be frozen for later use.  Then, its just a matter of getting out and giving them a try.
Well-Ordered Packing can make quite a difference in any activity you are planning to do Outdoors.

The concept of packing light and keeping it down to the essentials will lighten the load, make your adventure more enjoyable, and will allow you to explore that much more.